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The Brickslip Brothers source, treat and hand cut authentic periodic reclaimed Bricks Slips resulting in the ideal product for people looking to renovate old properties, want matching brick effect for home improvement projects or even looking to do fresh builds. Brickslips are hugely versatile in the purpose of what they can be used for and by whom, ranging from feature walls, fireplaces through to office renovations and new build design concepts where fusing modern and tradition materials and methods is producing some fantastic results.

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Brick Slip Delivery Information

Brickslip delivery Information

Brick Slip Delivery Information

Cheshire Red
Brick Slips

Cheshire Red Blend Brick Slips imageVIEW PRODUCT


Cheshire Red Blend Brick Slips, are from a beautifully crafted clay brick that contain red and orange markings throughout its cast to truly enhance the rustic characteristics. Samples are Free of charge (£5.00 to cover shipping costs)

Leamington Spa Pressed
Machine Edge

Leamington Spa Pressed Machine Edge Brick Slips imageVIEW PRODUCT


Leamington Spa Pressed Machine Edge, Brick Slips are a lovely full brick in appearance boasting lovely red orange and white markings that vary brick to brick, giving it an all in all wonderful textured look. Samples are Free of charge (£5.00 to cover shipping costs)

Georgian White
Brick Slips 

Georgian White Blend Brick Slips imageVIEW PRODUCT


Georgian White Blend Brickslips, are extremely sought after clay bricks. They have been hand pressed and hand cut, due to the varying texture and variations of the colours they can help enhance stylish ambient qualities. Samples are Free of charge (£5.00 to cover shipping costs)

Olde Victorian
Red Blend
Brick slips,

Olde Victorian Mixture Machine Edge Fascia Brick slips imageVIEW PRODUCT


Olde Victorian Red Blend Brick slips.have exquisite red markings as do most of the Victorian era bricks, they still contain the stressed fractures and air pockets from the original production process, which exaggerates the weathered profile to really make a statement. Samples are Free of charge (£5.00 to cover shipping costs)

The Brickslip Brothers

Brick Slip are not only great for external cladding but an absolute dream to work with inside the house as well, interior designers and project managers seem to have added reclaimed brickslips to their tool box. 

Before and after test

One of our happy customers recently took on a project, provided us with the pictures of his renovation area, After discussions with us, samples, viewing they got they installed the brick slips and look at the images they sent in to us, what a superb finish they have managed to achieve.

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The Brickslip Brothers are happy to announce a great new partnership with vision development

Design your dream home from start to Finish

Design & planning

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Timber Frame Structure

Mid stage timber Installation image

Dream home Concept

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“Making Dream Homes A Reality” 

“Design & Build projects are where Vision Development take complete responsibility for all stages of the design, manufacture and construction of your timber frame house. We will do this for a fixed cost to a fixed timescale, but both are dependent upon your location within the UK. We will be able to determine the cost and timescale after the surveys and design have been completed. We will work with you as partners from conception to completion of your design and build. We will carry out the complete construction from start to finish, advising on all products and options available”. The Brickslip Brothers will be supplying brick slips to Vision Development for their prefabricated timber frame panel systems which will be fitted to the external face, providing a super-fast cladding route for any new home or extension. Vision Development  have an impressive portfolio of new builds and extensions with reviews from their Clients that prove an excellent track record. Visit their informative website for further details on their products and services: Vision Development- Timber Frame Suppliers

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