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Before & After - Installing Reclaimed Brick Slips


One of our happy customers recently took on a project, provided us with the pictures of his renovation area, After discussions with us, samples, viewing they got they installed the brick slips and look at the images they sent in to us,  what a superb  finish they have managed to achieve.

before the brick slips

The Before Brick slips Shot, image

after the Brick Slips

after brick slips shot 1, image

reclaimed Brick slip samples are great but...

Talking with our customer on the build up to this project re affirmed something we have noticed here at The Brickslip Brothers, that although every effort is made to send out samples  in order for people to see that  we are one of rare few companies that do genuine reclaimed style brick slip however some time as a customer it's still quite hard to visualise your project and how things are going to really look

before the brick slips

the cover shot

The Before Brick slips Shot, image 2
Brick Slips looking their best, image

Good to be able to see a completed project

That's why we felt sending out this before and after might help people who are interested in some sort of decor project and looking at there options see exactly what brick slip cladding can look like when there up and fixed, 

The other part of the renovation project, image

if you look at figure 4, then look at the kitchen image this is the left hand side of the room, We think they have done a great little number with this and demonstrated what can be achieved with some forethought.

So the big question - how easy is it to fix brick slips yourself

we can honestly say even as industry professionals laying brick slips is pretty straight forward, if you follow the advice and take your time. The Brick Slip Brothers have produced an Brick slip installation guide for you use as a step by step and beneath are the tools you would need to have to completed the task, also we do offer an installation service through our group partners Twh Property Maintenance who have a superb portfolio and team to match. contact us on 01926 830565

THe tools needed for your brick slips project


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