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Can you offer old reclaimed brick slips, cut to match my property?

We can!! The buying team at The Brickslip Brothers are constantly updating the brick slip database we work with, helping clients to match the correct bricks to the type of property in question. Whether it be Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian or any type (or age) of manufactured brick we will be sure to make your journey from correlation to installation a rewarding one! Face type, clay composition and colour matching are always required when matching bricks, so we would advise you order a sample pack prior to ordering to be 100%

Are reclaimed brick slips even
suitable for use?

Yes, they are! With a fine quality control line in place, we guarantee every reclaimed brick slip that we source is of top quality and more than capable of making the grade for manufacture. As with anything found to be reclaimed there will be minor size differences and physical qualities found throughout. Newer bricks are obviously cut to the same cloth, however, anomalies are slightly noticeable in the older bricks as most were made by hand until the late 19th century! All of the above carry the reclaimed brick slip into a very refined sought-after category.

How do you make a
brick slip?

Our quality control team on the ground carefully select the highest quality handmade clay Reclaimed bricks to be run through the production line. Any bricks that are deemed to be damaged during transportation to the plant are removed from the facility. They are then run through a mill and get ground up to go towards hardcore for building foundations. We try to keep as Eco friendly as possible creating as little waste as humanly possible.

Your Brick slips are
just brick

All of our Brick Slips are cut from real handmade clay bricks and reclaimed clay bricks. Our suppliers take care to ensure that every brick that we source is of exceptional quality and suitable for manufacture into slips. Our processing plant is designed with deep thought to ensure a great amount of care and attention is taken when cutting these bricks. There are no concrete presses or plastic moulds at The Brickslip Brothers, only solid clay Brick slips!

How do I affix the slips
to the wall?

The best method to adhere brick slips to the wall in question is with a flexible tile adhesive. Make sure the wall is dry and clear from dust prior to installation. The easiest way to set out your Brick Slips is to create track lines horizontally across the wall using a 6 foot level and pencil. The track lines should lie where you want the top and the bottom of the brick slip to sit, leaving a 10 mm gap in between the courses of slips. Adhesive is then spread across the wall in between the track lines for the slips to adhere to. The Brickslips can then be set by hand to the track lines however using spacers in between the courses is advantageous to stop any slippage

What do I use in between the Brick Cladding on the wall

Once the brick cladding has been installed Mortar is used to fill in between them to create the effect of a hard standing wall. It is important to choose the colour, so it will match the Brickslips, so make sure that the chosen colour will not change drastically once mixed with water. The mortar should be applied with a trowel and any excess wiped off with a wet sponge.

Do I need to seal my
brick slips?

It completely depends upon the application of the brick slips and in what context they are being used. If you are using them for a wet room or a shower wall it would be highly recommended to seal the wall to stop moisture ingress. The easiest way to do this is by the use of an epoxy resin.
Epoxy resin can easily be obtained online or at your local builders’ merchants in clear matte or gloss depending on what type of finish you require.
The epoxy resin is mixed with an activator and rolled or brushed onto the required area

Can you supply slips to go
around a convex wall?

The answer is yes!! We strive to meet all our customers’ needs no matter how large or small they may be, offering bespoke services to clients with specific needs. We can supply curved slips and have the ability to cut them at a variety of angles for the more obtuse projects. Our customer service team are contactable from 9 am-5 pm 6 days

How many Reclaimed Brick slips will I get in a 1/2 Sq.M box?

There are 30 reclaimed Brick slips per 1/2 Sq.M box. We have the option to send out pallets for larger orders eliminating the need for any waste cardboard.

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