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Using Brickslips in  front rooms  can totally revolutionise your decor scheme  

If you are looking to revamp your lounge or front room, then brick slips might just be the way forward. We can match the style of the bricks to your property making sure it brings out the natural elements. Brick slips are so ambiguous almost when it comes to design, as they really can be outlandish & commanding features of a room. At the same time can make it room seem very elegant, relaxed and almost understated, it very much depends on what you use to furnish the design with.

Reclaimed Brick slips - quick, professional easy installation

As you can see the difference in the pictures, the classic reds are suited for more for a bold style of fixture and fittings, whereas a paler brick can craft the subtleness of a more pastel theme. Whatever style you are thinking of, bear in mind one of the biggest attributes, brick slips have are flexibility to bond with most interior designs. Brick slips have many benefits. They have great insulation properties, they are waterproof if an epoxy resin is applied (easy cleaning) and are also capable of reducing any external noise.

How  can the Brickslip Brothers assist your project

If you require help in planning your project, advice on the type of brick your property has or would like a free sample, please get in touch with our customer service team and discuss your ideas with us. We’re here to assist you to make sure you have everything you need to do the job. 

Why use Brick slips ?

  • Authentic GENUINE Reclaimed  Brick slips used internally or externally
  • Energy Efficient, will save money on fuel bills
  • ideal insulation for  customers doing conversions projects, loft, cellar or garage are ideal
  • We can match up the bricks to lovely periodic properties no problem
  • we offer structured trade accounts contact us to find out more
  • full tracKable delivery service with various discounts on orders

Leamington Spa Pressed Brick Slips



Leamington Spa Pressed Brickslips, are a lovely full brick in appearance boasting lovely red orange and white markings that vary brick to brick, giving it an all in all wonderful textured look.Samples are Free of charge (£5.00 to cover shipping costs)

Georgian White Blend Wire Cuts



Georgian White Blend Wire Cut, Brick Slips are extremely sought after clay bricks. due to the varying texture and variations of the colours they can help enhance stylish ambient qualities. Samples are Free of charge (£5.00 to cover shipping costs)

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