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Convert the garage - use reclaimed brick slips 

Reclaimed Brick Slips go hand in hand with any form of conversion or extension. Quite often you will find that the garage when originally constructed, did not have the same level of build as the internal part of the house, simply because insulation is not usually a big requirement. If you are considering making the garage part of the house as a move to increase bedroom and living area, brick cladding something you need to consider.

garage renovation

Garage conversions with brick slips

are one of the most popular renovations to increase space

Brick Slips unique in appearance, stylish  - insulated

Brick slips make a great addition to the conversion. They boast superb insulation qualities, the epoxy adhesive makes them frost proof, and are very effective method to combat damp, bear in mind, so much people have wet rooms built with brick slips. They also possess co efficiency qualities which helps to reduce external noise, and finally from a practical perspective there very easy to clean. The Brickslip Brothers have an excellent range to choose from. If you are not sure about the type of brick your property has, take a picture and upload it on the contact us page and we will clarify it for you.

internal garage project

But orignally not designed

with energy efficiency in mind

How The Brickslip Brothers can assist your project

When weighing up the pros and cons for the various designs you have in mind, The Brickslip Brothers really hope you love the classic brick products as well as the planning support we offer but also remember all the added extra practical benefits to the brick slips. We pride ourselves with offering project and planning advice,  The Brick Slip Installers  are of a superb standard, offering commercial and domestic fitting services should it be required. If you wish for some more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

conversion image

Brick slips can provide

insulation and a stylish finish

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The Brick Slip Range

Leamington Spa Pressed Wire Cuts image

Leamington Spa Pressed Wire Cuts

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Leamington Spa wire cuts


Are a lovely full brick in appearance boasting lovely red-orange and white markings that vary brick to brick, giving it an all in all wonderful textured look.

georgian-white-blend image

Georgian White Blend

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Georgian White Blend


Are extremely sought after clay bricks. due to the varying texture and variations of the colours they can help enhance stylish ambient qualities.

Rustic red blend brick slips image

Rustic red blend brick slips

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Rustic red blend 


A stunning Array of reds & oranges that have an imperfect finish that's ideal for extensions and external brick slip cladding Projects.


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