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kitchen - The Installation of Reclaimed Brick slips can Change the entire look

Reclaimed Brick slips are affordable, quick and professionally installed by the Brickslip Brothers

super stylish Reclaimed Brick slips can totally transform your kitchen. The kitchen has always been the centre point to most households and it is rated as being the number one most important room when putting your property on the market and when it is not on the market, it seems to be never far away from home owners mind. Shall we do the kitchen up? Shall we not? Definitely for most house not far away from your thoughts.

Brick slips in the kitchen

Brick slips have a wonderful ability to be versatile in the type of ambience and aura they manage to produce so whether your looking to capture the lovely rustic farmhouse style or a totally modern fresh contemporary look, brick slips could be the best option for you. As well as being aseptically blessed, they are also a very practical product. They help to prevent damp, they are frost proof and waterproof meaning they are easy to clean and they have a certain amount of sound proofing qualities which in certain circumstances can be a bonus.

Contact The Brickslip Brothers to find out how to plan a brick slip installation project in your kitchen today

If you require help in planning your project, advice on the type of brick your property has or would like a free sample, please get in touch with our customer service team. The Brickslip Brothers also provide  highly trained teams for brick slip installation projects Commercial and domestic Nationwide

Why use Brick slips for your kitchen design project?

  • Authentic genuine Reclaimed  Brick slips used internally or externally
  • Energy Efficient, will save money on fuel bills
  • ideal insulation for  customers doing conversion projects loft, cellar or garage are ideal
  • We can match up the bricks to lovely periodic properties no problem
  • we offer structured trade accounts contact us to find out more
  • full trackable delivery service with various discounts on orders

Cheshire Red Blend Brick Slips



Cheshire Red Blend Brick Slips, are from a beautifully crafted clay brick that contain red and orange markings throughout its cast to truly enhance the rustic characteristics. Samples are Free of charge (£5.00 to cover shipping costs)

Georgian White Blend Brick Slips 



Georgian White Blend Brickslips, are extremely sought after clay bricks. They have been hand pressed and hand cut, due to the varying texture and variations of the colours they can help enhance stylish ambient qualities. Samples are Free of charge (£5.00 to cover shipping costs)

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