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Loft & Attic Conversions Can look ultra stylish with periodic reclaimed brick slips

A renovated loft conversion could add up to 20% percent on the value of your home and more potentially, if you had bathroom facilities added into your design (information provided by Nationwide Building Society). Brick slips are a great way to help capture the properties natural charm. The Epoxy adhesive resin we use provides a damp proof and a frost proof insulated finish. Reclaimed Brick slips really are an excellent idea for this type of renovation concept and that is not just because it's our line of business.

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Brick slips work well with conversions

if you are looking to make the most of your space

Attic  Conversion Ideas - Reclaimed Brick slips 

it's a great idea converting an attic to consider using reclaimed brick slips as a decor option. One of the other great attributes about natural brick is the look and characteristics seem to fit with almost any decorating scheme. Brick slips can make a whole lot of difference & The Brickslip Brothers can make your loft a different world. With a pinch of good taste and some selective purchases. It's amazing what you can achieve in no time at all.

attic conversion ideas

Why Brick slips?

they provide insulation and style

Attic Conversion Plans

if it's in your plans for an attic conversions and you are looking to make use of the empty space - add value & insulation to your dream home by having the natural brick look. The Brickslip Brothers can provide Supply + Installation and or full renovation contracts Commercial or Domestic and would happily arrange a full quotation  We are one turn key solution so if you are making plans and would like to do a fact finding mission then feel free to contact our technical support and customer services teams.

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Project planning

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The Brickslip Brothers have designed an installation guide for those who have not attempted to take on a project like then this before, this an ideal start

attic conversions

Loft and Attic Conversions

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Loft and Attic Conversions

A Renovated loft conversion could add up to 20% percent on the value of your home and more potentially, if you had bathroom facilities added into your design, (information provided by Nationwide Building Society).


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Thinking of conversions - Reclaimed Brick slips are a superb way to make sure its fully insulated, energy efficient and is matched to the rest of the property

The Brick Slip Range

Rustic red blend brick slips image

Rustic red blend brick slips

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Rustic red blend 


A stunning Array of reds & oranges that have an imperfect finish that's ideal for extensions and external brick slip cladding Projects.

Cheshire Red Blend Wire Cutsimage

Cheshire Red Blend Wire Cuts

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Cheshire Red Blend Wire Cuts


are from a beautifully crafted clay brick that possesses red and orange markings throughout its cast to truly enhance the rustic characteristics.

Leamington Spa Pressed image

Leamington Spa Pressed

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Leamington Spa Pressed


are a lovely full brick in appearance boasting lovely red-orange and white markings that vary brick to brick, giving it an all in all wonderful textured look


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