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Brick Slips In The Office 

Using brick slips for the office environment is popular at the minute. It could be the speed, ease and professional installations that are behind the decision-making process for this. Brick slips are a great choice for businesses that are relocating or that are just starting off. A well-designed office space shows professionalism, affluence and projects the general message of quality something every business aspires to achieve.

brick office feature wall

Why Brick slips?

Energy efficient, stylish and quick to install

Brick slips - quick, professional easy installation

Using Reclaimed Brick slips With the E-poxy adhesive finish, brick slips are not just an aesthetically great product for this environment but also very practical. They offer a waterproof finish which makes it super easy to be cleaned. They are proven to be great insulators making it cost effective but also add the coefficient qualities to a room which means that it will help prevent destructive noise from the outside. Always a big consideration for people who need to focus or communicate on the telephone.

open plan brick style office

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How we can  assist your project?

You can contact us directly on online chat or the telephone (number provided at the top of the screen) , you can send us plans and drawings via the contact page, you can order samples online or provide us with images  so that can match it up exactly. We supply to to The Public and to Trade, the brickslip Brothers have a superb team of Brick Slip fitters for  domestic and commercial installations and We have the infrastructure to supply to large multi location stockists.

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The Brick Slip Range

Olde Victorian Mixture Wire Cut

Olde Victorian Mixture Wire Cut

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Olde Victorian Mixture Wire Cut


Are from a beautifully crafted clay brick that contains red and orange markings throughout its cast to truly enhance the rustic characteristics

London Yellow Stock

London Yellow Stock Brick Slips

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London Yellow Stock Brick Slips


A Highly popular choice, London Yellow stock Brick slips have many different tones across the whole range and a very varied, ideal for fusing new and old-style renovation projects

Georgian White Blend Wire Cut image

Georgian White Blend Wire Cut Brick Slips

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Georgian White Blend Wire Cut


Are extremely sought after clay bricks. They have been hand-pressed and hand-cut, due to the varying texture and variations of the colours they can help enhance stylish ambient qualities


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