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Where to Buy brick slips From Near me?

The Brickslip Brothers are where to buy brickslips From -  situated in Warwick and source, manufacture, treat and trade in authentic genuine Reclaimed Brick Slips suitable for renovation work with period properties or new architectural design trends. Brick slips can be used internally or externally and can be used for a multitude of different reasons ranging from desiring aseptic features, keeping a property in tune with the local community at design level through to insulation renovations for loft, attic and garage conversions. 

what are reclaimed brick slips ?

We source Reclaimed Brickslips, from various places, demolition sites, contracts with demolition companies, old hospitals and renovation sites. We carefully select our range and cut them into slivers 20 mm in depth along both fascias creating 2 brick slips. There are different cut types available, corners, headers and reveals. You might be wondering why don't I just use Real Bricks, however using Brick slips has many advantages which we will come to later in this article. 

How are Brick slips and brick tiles fixed to the wall?

Internal Feature Walls usually have an adhesive laid over a solid surface and the brick slips are placed on top of this, there a number of ways to do this either long spacer are implemented on top of the brick slips line so that they sit and set correctly or small tile clips can be placed between the layers of the Brickslips again ensuring there is enough resistance for the Brick slips to take. Once they have been laid you can mix up some mortar and point up between the gaps to get the stunning finish you're after.
There are a number of different systems available and they are basically templates that are affixed to the wall and the Brick slips can be fitted accordingly like a jigsaw. These have a number of different attributes some are insulation backed some are not. The insulation backed systems are very effective when looking to cut down winter fuel bills superb energy efficiency quantities. 

WHAT'S so great about reclaimed brick slip Cladding? 

Brick Slips have some excellent features about them. The most obvious is the amount of different tones and textures available that they can partner almost any decor scheme is an absolute asset from an interior design perspective. From a practical point of view the insulation properties they offer are excellent, whether it be internal or external. They are also frost proof. Treated with various adhesives and finishers they can be made water proof excellent for restaurants,  kitchen environments also bathrooms. Due to there insulation properties they can be used as a very effective way to combat noise pollution whether it be busy traffic from outside, noisy neighbours or to help combat the teenage drum obsession. Due to Brickslips being a reclaimed product, their carbon footprint is very low and the fact they make households and offices much more energy efficient, Brickslips are truly a green option that will actually save you money long term and pay for itself, no other decor option can offer that.

Problem Solving With reclaimed Brick slips

In today's built up areas expanding buildings is a tricky business most tend to build upwards. Brick Slip are 80% lighter than normal bricks so is it any wonder that brickslips have become a firm favourite for Architects when planning project with specific objectives in mind. One of our customers explained to us that if the project was going to be done in normal brick then the weight would be hugely relevant to the build and it would have meant that the building would have required to be underpinned which is an expensive job but also problematic with machinery in busy city streets. A lot of labour needed and of course extending the time frame of the contract however if they used brickslips the weight allocations would be absolutely fine.

The Ideal Situations - Brick Slip Cladding Can Solve Issues

Click the tabs below and take a look at the different situations that using Brick Slips could benefit you or solve a problem. There are many more examples than the amount  we have outlined but here's a few... 

Landlords - Brick Slip cladding  a great problem solver

Brick slips are a great tool for landlords. by using Reclaimed Brick Slips landlords are able to lower the Energy Bills, raise the profile of the rooms available in order to command a higher room rate as the end finish is always very nice, once installed the brickslips also have a sound proofing quality meaning for larger properties with multiple tenants noise was kept to a minimum level which again add to the quality of the tenancy offered.

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