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Where to Buy brick slips From Near me?

The Brickslip Brothers are where to buy brickslips From -  situated in Warwick and source, manufacture, treat and trade in authentic genuine Reclaimed Brick Slips suitable for renovation work with period properties or new architectural design trends. Brick slips can be used internally or externally and can be used for a multitude of different reasons ranging from desiring aseptic features, keeping a property in tune with the local community at design level through to insulation renovations for loft, attic and garage conversions. 

The Ideal Situations - Brick Slip Cladding Can Solve Issues

Click the tabs below and take a look at the different situations that using Brick Slips could benefit you or solve a problem. There are many more examples than the amount  we have outlined but here's a few... 

Landlords - Brick Slip cladding  a great problem solver

Brick slips are a great tool for landlords. by using Reclaimed Brick Slips landlords are able to lower the Energy Bills, raise the profile of the rooms available in order to command a higher room rate as the end finish is always very nice, once installed the brickslips also have a sound proofing quality meaning for larger properties with multiple tenants noise was kept to a minimum level which again add to the quality of the tenancy offered.

public disruption or dead line projects - Brick slips quick installation

Brickslips are a superb choice for when DEADLINES are in place or the need to consider the disruption caused by The project. a full pallet of brickslips is 2010 slips the average pallet of bricks is 400 so THERE'S a 5-1 space ratio, the speed that brickslips are applied is much faster than the tradition brick laying method, so if you were a school for instance on a strict timetable term wise to have a project finished then it would be ideal solution, other projects that would benefit from these advantages would be SHOPFITTING contracts, serviced offices, shops and restaurants anywhere that involves customers disruption or has a deadline  is exactly the environment where using brick slips should be considered 

Corporate social responsibility projects - Brick Slips could be the Answer

Brickslips are a great consideration for people who are looking to set a good example, companies that hold the green code as a banner. energy efficient low carbon FOOTPRINT, quick installation with minimal disruption. renovating head office or new acquisition companies with brickslip is a great way express to the public and your customers that you are committed and community minded.

Renovate To Sell - Brick slip cladding

Using brick slips to create superb feature walls, match up the garden brickwork to the house and have modern trendy SPLASHBACKS in the kitchen can really bolster the first impressions factor which is so desired when selling property, you can install or we can come and do it for you.

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Brick Slips Collection

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See the range

Take a look at our the product range of brick slips we offer, there valuable information on the product pages as well.

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Penthouse Apartment image

Penthouse Apartment

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Penthouse Apartment

Reclaimed Red And Yellow Stock

Wrap Around Corner Wall image

Wrap Around Corner Wall

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Wrap Around Corner Wall

London Mixed Stock White Chapel

Kitchen Renovation image

Kitchen Renovation

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Kitchen Renovation

Reclaimed Old Mixture Stock

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Front room designs

Front room designs

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Front room designs

If you are looking to revamp your lounge or front room, then brick slips might just be the way forward. We can match the style of the bricks to your property making sure it brings out the natural elements.

before and after image

Before and after

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Before and after

One of our happy customers recently took on a project, provided us with the pictures of his renovation area, After discussions with us, samples, viewing they got they installed the brick slips and look at the images they sent in to us, what a superb finish they have managed to achieve.

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Frequently asked questions

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The buying team at The Brickslip Brothers are constantly updating the brick slip database we work with, helping clients to match the correct bricks to the type of property in question. Whether it be Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian or any type

The Brick Slip Range

Charred Cottage Yellow Brick Slips image

Charred cottage yellow blend

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Charred cottage yellows 


An exquisite set of markings that run down the cast set this product apart, really effective look when recreating an older weathered finish

Olde Victorian Mixture Wire Cut Brick Slips image

Olde Victorian Mixture Wire Cuts

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Olde Victorian Mixture 


Are from a beautifully crafted clay brick that contains red and orange markings throughout its cast to truly enhance the rustic characteristics

Rustic red blend brick slips image

Rustic red blend brick slips

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Rustic red blend 


A stunning Array of reds & oranges that have an imperfect finish that's ideal for extensions and external brick slip cladding Projects.

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