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Olde Victorian Red Blend Wire Cut Brick Slips

Olde Victorian Red Blend Wire Cut Brick Slips Image
Olde Victorian Red Blend Wire Cut Brick Slips Image
Olde Victorian Red Blend Wire Cut Brick Slips Reveal Slips
Olde Victorian Red Blend Wire Cut Brick Slips Sample Brick Slips Image
Olde Victorian Red Blend Wire Cut Header Brick Slips Image
Olde Victorian Red Blend Wire Cut Corner Brick Slips Image

Product description

have exquisite red marking as do most of the Victorian era bricks, they still contain the stressed fractures and air pockets from the original production process, which exaggerates the weathered profile to really make a statement.

Product Details

Delivery3-4 Working Days
AvailabilityIn Stock
Quantity30 Per box
Wall Coverage0.5 SQ/Meter
SuitabilityInternal/External Projects
AdvisoryNot Usable for Floors Or Open Fires

1 Box of Fascias = 1/2 A Square Meter
All Other cut types are purchased individually.

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Knowledge base

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Delivery information

Standard Delivery

Beneath are the delivery charges explained and the turnaround times. All deliveries are fully trackable with service notifications

Itemprice timescale
1 box of brick slips£.8.503-4 working days
10-19 boxes£85.00 capped3-4 working days
20 boxes plusFREE3-4 Working days
sample pack£5.007 days

Premium Delivery

We a offer premium delivery service for pallets only (20 boxes plus, to arrange this please contact The Brickslip Brothers on 01926-830565

Time SpecificationPriceItem
AM/PM£19.00per pallet
SAT AM£40.00per pallet
within a  2 hour time slot£35.00per Pallet

The Time Specific slots replace the Free on 10/sq Meters as the standard delivery will not be able to guarantee those timeframes, and there are times we appreciate this is required

Product Information and Specifications

Height65 mm
Thickness20 mm
Length215.9 mm
Brick TypeReclaimed Collection
Cast StyleWire Cut

Brick Match Service

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The Brickslip Brothers Installation Service

Top quality brickslip cladding installations for residential and commercial properties across the U.K

How much will an installation cost

unfortunately it's almost impossible to provide a one price fits all answer, there's a number of connotations to the working out of quotations for an installation project, weather the slips are being fitted directly on to the substraint or having insulated boarding that comes in a multitude of thicknesses and price ranges, the type and location of the property are also relative

The advice we would suggest is to click on the support tab and find out the different methods on how to contact us , and we can discuss the best way forward or provide you with more specifics once having established your projects requirements

About the brick slip fitting teams

The Brick Slip fitting teams are incredibly well organised, We use regular teams who have been trained, vetted and are fully experienced and have the elevated insurances required to work on both residential and commercial projects. you can view some of the previous work via our gallery or via our reviews from some of our happy customers

"The Brickslip Brothers aspire to creating amazing spaces and our goal is to leave you feeling you got an even better job than you envisaged and continue cementing our reputation in concrete everywhere we go"

Customer Support

The Brickslip Brothers pride themselves on providing helpful friendly advice, before during and if needs be after installation

General Support

The team here will happily provide advice ranging from fire safety through to providing insulation information. Having a team of highly experienced tradesman means we can also provide project recommendations and troubleshoot any related problems you may be experiencing

Brick match and source service

For those customers looking for a specific brick range to match there property the brickslip brothers have a brick match service available on the contact page, upload us an image of the brick or the property and one of our experts will look to match it, and check weather we can source it for you

Project Planning

Weather your project is residential or a commercial if you have any problems with calculating the dimensions or would like someone to take a second look we have the level of experience where it would always be of benefit to be quite honest, we are always happy to check the dimensions and pricing, or discuss more advanced logistic and design factors with you.


We value your custom and interest in our products and services. As a business we strive to provide an excellent all round service, advice, product quality and installation. In an era of excessive marketing and constant calls we pride ourselves on not operating like that, we do advertise and we will contact you but within reason.

Residential Projects

It can sometimes be quite daunting running your own project our team are on hand if you require any advice 01926-830565

Thinking of renovating

Weather you are looking for a new insulated fascia for your property that will save you on your fuel bills and give a great finish at the same time or you restyle one of the rooms in your house brick slips are an ideal solution.

On the website there are a number of aids, installation guides, area and costing calculators but if you would like to find out more about more about our professional team installing them for you please click the install tab.



Business Installations

Our brick slip fitters are fully experienced, trained, have extended on-site insurances and operate nationwide. Feel free to check out our Project gallery and our google review section below - or just give us a call - 01926 830565

Insulated Brick slip cladding for your business

In a this day and age it's of paramount importance to project a professional image not just with your clients and customer but with your competition as well.

there are all sorts of incentives in relation to reducing the carbon footprint and green incentives when you add this to the savings that come with insulated brick slip cladding this could be a more than viable solution for your business

Claim it back & save money on a month to month basis

We know Companies that have had insulated external brick slip cladding installed and claimed it back and will now reap the financial rewards over the next coming years with lower energy bills and have a top quality facade for the premise at the same time, something you should potentially discuss with your accountant.

Strength to Strength

Beneath is an external cladding project for Wallace Robinson & Morgan Solicitors in Solihull, The picture may not do it the project total justice however we have an article in the gallery that contain drone footage to show the scale of works that can be completed. Brick slips as a project really do range from a feature wall in a Domestic setting through to blocks of flats and industrial properties.

Installing Brick slips yourself

If you have a local tradesperson working on your project then they should be able to install the slips with ease however for those going to give a try themselves we have provided some valuable resources


brick slips are not complex to install however on saying this the levels and pointing must be accurate to get the end result you are looking for. In the news and advice section you will see in installation guide for reference that explains methods and tools needed for the project.

Help With the Maths?

We also provide a brick slip calculator,

the first being to calculate your area you need to cover and find out how many boxes of product you will require, once you have entered the measurements the calculator will also suggest how much adhesive you should purchase and corner slips.

The second will enable you to select a price bracket for the bricks and enter the amount of boxes you need, the calculator will then price up the amount and break it down with or without vat, the delivery fee or the reduction of price if over 10 square meters.

please be aware:

the area calculator is designed to measure between one and four walls if the project is more advanced than these parameters we advise you click the support tab

Tools You may need

For those taking on a brick slips installation project you may require some tools or order adhesive with you order to complete it

image 1 brickslips

Adhesive - Rapid Flex

Brick slip adhesive typically covers 3.5 Sq meters per bag sets into 2-3 hours..

image 2 brickslips

Brick Slip Pointing Mortar gun

Innovative tool for pointing walls and patio slabs. Excellent joint penetration.

image 3 brickslips

No Nonsense PVA Glue 5LTR

ideal for priming your surface before Installing Brick Slips, acts as an ideal bonding agent.

Other brick slips

View some of our other brickslips within the collection - suitable for internal and external cladding projects, with or without insulation the choice is yours.

image 1 brickslips


a beautifully crafted clay brick that possesses red and orange markings along the cast

image 2 brickslips


extremely sought after clay bricks. They have been hand pressed and hand cut - stunning.

image 3 brickslips


A popular choice, London Yellow stock Brick slips have many different tones available


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