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How to cost up your Brick Slip project

The Brick Slip Calculator

Its as easy as entering your measurements Height and width of the wall you are looking to cover and the Calculator will process the information and give you a full breakdown of how many boxes to order, the price with and Without V.A.T, The calculator has all of our shipping rules implemented on it so the final figure will be accurate Financially wise.
Our calculations include a 10 mm Bed of mortar, and as an average we find 30 brick slips is Half A square meter. We advise when working out your project that you use 1 bag of adhesive to 3.5 square meters of your your project.
For those people looking to work out how many Corners are needed the usual rule of thumb is 12 corner per meter high.


The Brickslip Brothers would like to stress the fact that the calculations are an approximate and are used as an estimate for your project they dont accept liability over discrepancies based on the figures provided , However do suggest that you contact our Happy Friendly Team if you need further assistance we appreciate projects vary in complexity, we welcome people sending in detailed plans and are happy to assist you in any way possible 


For customer looking to get a quotation on brick slip installation its best to call the office on 01926 830565, every project varies and has different relative situations that make them unique so its ideal for us to get a full picture of the project, to put it in short it's not something that can be done accurately calculator or price list.

Wholesale | Large Scale Developments

The Brickslip Brothers As wholesalers have the capacity to supply large scale developments/national stockists and have the facility to export  into Europe within such arrangements. We can provide dedicated cutting bays to ensure supply levels are met and  1-2-1 account managers meaning dealing with people who understand your contract, your business is important to us.  to discuss trade level enquiries please contact us 01926 - 830565

Brick Slips Calculator Instructions

Click one of the relevant price tabs and the appropriate calculator will appear, please enter your measurements and then your estimate will be displayed

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