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The Brick Slip Calculator

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Introducing the brick slips Calculator

Not everyone is a site manager and understands dimensions and pricing which is why we have designed a step by step brick slips project calculator to assist you with obtaining a rough estimate for your renovation.

We provide a number of area calculators for you to ascertain the information you will need to populate the pricing calculator which provides a full breakdown for you and enables you to email it to yourself for future reference.

We can provide these area calculators but can not predict the individuals space within the walls that would not require brick slipping, things such as windows, door space, or if it was a kitchen and you want to Brick slip the walls above a certain height as there are units on the ground level. If your looking at feature walls or 2 walls in a room, this might not be relative you and you can progress through the instruction but…..

For those who do have a door or windows within their proposed area then we have set up a dimensions for deduction calculator, that will enable you 2 different window sizes and are both linked to slider so thus you can move the slider up if you have 4 windows of the same size for example, we have a similar function for door frames, and 4 slots labelled items that just might be relevant to an area you are not looking to get covered, this information is linked to all calculators and will deduct the square meterage from your final result making your estimate much more realistic


Measure the height and the width of your wall space and make a note of it, then do exactly the same with anything on that wall that you want deducting, work through the calculators and select the relevant information (they are straight forward) and then get an estimate a full breakdown is available to you. If you do struggle however contact us, we are more than happy to help.

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Please read the acknowledgements After you read this

the only thing you will need for this are your project measurements

select the Area Calc tab and decide which calc description better suites your project

click on to the Pricing Calculator Tab and see what information you will need to transfer over (very simple)

enter the appropriate measurements in the correct calculator

Click on the Pricing Calculator and enter details

Results will provide a full breakdown of how much for the products, delivery charges and a final figure including V.A.T. *please be sure to read the acknowledgements tab

Before We Start

when calculating the area that you need to brick slip the calculator will need to know if there are any areas on the wall dimensions you will provide that need to be deducted from the total square meterage


Measure all areas you would like to deduct and select the deductions calculator. Enter the dimensions and it will automatically take this into account

How To Measure Windows For Brick Slips

There are 2 windows sections that enable you enter window dimensions, and they are linked to a slider, so if you have 4 of the same type of window sizes move the slider to 4 for example, the reason there are 2 it enable an alternative size for windows that are different dimensions as quite often in properties there are a certain amount of window spaces that are the same sizes

How To Measure Door Frames For a Brick Slip Project

Similar to the windows section, there is a door section, so imagine you are brick slipping you hallway there's usually a number of dors, so measure this and then move the slider to the appropriate amount so that the space is deducted.

How To Deduct Miscellaneous Spaces On The Calculators

We have also included 4 item sections that enable you to enter upto 4 sets of dimensions to be deducted, this is useful for kitchen work surfaces, or if and external business looking for a full cladding quotation and they have a glass frontage reception area, then you could use one of these sections to deduct that specific area.

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On the right hand side you will observe 4 red boxes to use the price calculator effectively you will need to select one of the first three calculators

Feature Wall:

this could be in relation to one wall inside your house that requires no corners, just your height and length measurements of the wall, it could be also related to an external facade may be a shop front or something similar.

2 walls

this calculator will be more than lightly used for an internal purpose, where you would like to see 2 walls out of the 4 walls of a room have brickslips. within the calculator there is a checkbox to exclude corners this is so you have the flexibility to price up 2 walls that are opposite each other and do not connect, therefore no need for corners, however the option to calculate just how many corners you would require for the join if your walls connected at the corners is set up as default. All you will need is your measurements.

4 Walls (Internal or External}

The 4 Wall calculator will allow you to enter each wall specification and is used by people looking to get the entire inside room slipped or get the dimensions for larger external 4 walled cladding projects

The Pricing Calculator step-by-step

Having used one of the first three area calculators now you should move to the pricing calculator to give you an overall quick style estimate

Step 1.

In all previous calculators you will observe boxes required data, please match this information into the appropriate price box towards the top of the PRICE CALCULATOR

Step 2.

In the same fashion a above locate the recommended amount of corners for your project and marry them up with the pricing category and enter the amount. This is not applicable however for feature walls and those who have opted for 2 walls and they are positioned opposite each other.

Step 3.

repeating this process by entering the amount of bags of adhesives recommended into the bags of adhesive pricing box. it could be you dont want to order the adhesive with us, if that's the case then please just bypass this option and leave the selection blank.

Aim To Please

The Estimate provided is only a guide and for a 100% water tight quotation you should contact us, our team are friendly knowledgeable but above all else reliable.

Improve Your Accuracy Of The Estimate By...

To make the estimate as accurate as it can be please measure any surface areas of the walls that will NOT require brick slip such as windows and doors etc, add them up so you have a total square meterage and then divide the total by 2.
our area calculators will provide you with how many boxes you will need to order, when moving onto the pricing calculator minus your total from our total to give you a more accurate reflection

Brick Slips Dimension Used

The brick slip size measurements used in the calculators:
Fascia: 650mm x 215mm x 20mm
Corners: 650mm X 105mm X 105mm

Our delivery Offers Are Factored Into The Estimate

The Brickslip Brothers delivery charges are £8.50 per box between 1-9 and then between 10-19 £65.00 set fee and then 20 plus travels free, these calculations are factored into the calculators.

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Brick Slips Project Calculator

Planing and Pricing

use the brick slips caclculator for a quick easy full priced estimate, all you have to do is provide it with your wall dimensions and any measurement you need deducting from the total Square meterage.

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Brick Match Service

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