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Wall repair and brick slip project
in Balham, London with
London Yellow Stock Brick Slips

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Brick Slips Fitters Project - London

No Fear - A Team on The Job

This project started out as a simple brickslip feature to be installed over the existing plaster however when a crack from floor to ceiling was found directly under an RSJ we had duty of care to investigate further. We stripped off the plaster to reveal a huge shear in the party wall suggesting the rear of the property has noted movement. As we have been building as well as brickslip cladding for the last 16 years this was no problem for the team to sort out. Acrows went in to take the load on the RSJ and then the entire wall was stripped back to expose the brickwork behind. The clients asked us to repair the shear, chasing out and replacing bricks then fitting helical bars to strengthen the wall. Unfortunately we found this wall had been bodged over the years with an enormous area filled with concrete! Rather than risking the structural integrity of the build we took this area back slightly to enable slips to be cut on site and fitted. We then raked out all old mortar and cleaned up the faces to reveal a beautiful old London mixed stock wall. Pointed with a white mortar the finish of this project turned out better than we ever expected and just goes to show, we thrive in the face of adversity

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The Brick Slip Range

Speckled Yellow Blend Brick Slips image

Speckled Yellow Blend Brick Slips

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Speckled Yellow Blend


A lovely Brick slip That looks outstanding in larger locations, Stress fractures and dark speckled effect, can easily be mixed with another yellow for stunning effect.

Cheshire Red Blend Wire Cutsimage

Cheshire Red Blend Wire Cuts

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Cheshire Red Blend Wire Cuts


are from a beautifully crafted clay brick that possesses red and orange markings throughout its cast to truly enhance the rustic characteristics.

Leamington Spa Pressed Wire Cuts image

Leamington Spa Pressed Wire Cuts

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Leamington Spa wire cuts


Are a lovely full brick in appearance boasting lovely red-orange and white markings that vary brick to brick, giving it an all in all wonderful textured look.


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