The Brick Slip Calculator

Follow the instructions below to get a rough estimate for your entire project including delivery and V.A.T

Project Calculators

to populate the price calculator with the amount of boxes you need you will need to to firstly work out which of the following options relate to your project

*Feature wall
*2 walls (joining or opposite)
*3 4 wall internal or external project.

select the appropriate one and enter your measurements for the walls you have previously measured.

it's probably best to have a pen and paper with you initially.

Areas For Deduction

measure all the areas within your project that need deducting from the grand total this could be:

*Kitchen units

enter these Measurements in the Dimensions for deductions calculator. be sure to remember when entering door and window measurements to move the slider across to the amount of them you have.

Total Pricing Calculator

Using whichever project Calculator you populated and making sure that you have entered whatever deductions you require, revisit the initial project calculator and make a note of the following:

*Boxes Required
*Corners Required
*Adhesives Required

Enter the amounts into the relative price bracketts the calc provides, so for example if the chosen product is £25.00 enter how many boxes you need. then with the provided information how many corners you require, and if you choose to source the adessive from us add how many bags you will need.

What Next?

Having populated the price calculator at the bottom you will get a full breakdown of your order. you will see the following information:

*Total combined product cost
*Delivery Charges
Subtotal for Product and Delivery Charges
*Final Figure Inc V.A.T

The calculator is programmed to alter the various delivery options we have according to volume ordered.

You can email this to yourself, a business partner or an architect for example directly off the calculator
Please be aware that this is an estimate and to get a water tight quotation please contact us on 01926 830565