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Introducing Brick slips – A superb alternative for your insulation and renovation requirements

Some of  the Brick Slips are created from genuine reclaimed clay bricks and are ideal for older properties, customers with modern properties tend to go with preformed brick slips that are manufactured. They can be used on internal or external projects but we find most people who are opting to use brick slips with the concept of insulation as a priority opt to go external. Not only does it meet the requirement but it also gives the property an external upgrade at the same time. They can really assist with protecting the internal walls from the elements as they are water and frost proof which is a real added bonus, bang for your buck as such.

How does it work?

The teams use insulated boards that have a tracking system on one side for the slips to be placed, these vary in thickness and price starting from 17mm through to 150 mm. The insulated boards are drilled and plugged through into the substrate of the build, the brick slips are then positioned onto the tracking sheet and then left for a short period to bond. Once this has been completed the Brickslip fitters will point up the bricks using traditional methods, making sure the overall finish is outstanding and authentic.

Brick Slip Fitters

The Brickslip Brothers have gone to great lengths to make sure their teams are well trained and have achieved a great blend of talented professionals.

The Brickslip Brothers supply and install brick slips Nationwide in the U.K, we have Residential and Commercial fitting teams that carry all of the extended insurances for large scale site operations

So how much will this save me?

It’s quite a hard question to answer...  It depends on what level of energy consumer you are and the property layout. We have conducted some research  on properties we have insulated and below are the estimated savings on average per year based against the thickness of the insulation.

25mm50mm75mm 100mm
Detached house (four bedrooms)£207.00£415.00£622.00£830.00
Mid-terrace house (three bedrooms)£122.50£245.00£367.50£589.00
Semi-detached house (three bedrooms)£75.00£150.00£225.00£300.00
Detached bungalow (two bedrooms)£82.50£165.00£247.50£330.00

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Who and why would you use brick slips?

The Brickslip Brothers acknowledge the difference between the type of people that may be looking for brick slips and furthermore understand there are different advantages for different people. Just click on a tab to view what could be relative information for you


Using brick slips with insulated boarding is a great idea, homeowners can save on their fuel bills whilst at the same time giving the property fascia an upgrade.

This is popular with all types of properties not just pre-fabs.

By opting to use brick slips you can rest assured that the project will be quickly installed and completed with minimum disruption. The end result is spectacular, brick slips are not just available for the outside of your home, they can be a very stylish interior design choice. The Brickslip Brothers know that organising a project can be quite daunting and that's why we are here to help. Whether it be advice on brick style, technical questions or problem solving feel free to contacts us for a no obligation quotation

Business or commercial property

There is still some good news for you. Due to the purpose of choosing brick slips with insulation boarding, there would be an obvious viable reason to save on fuel bills and reduce your carbon footprint. This would potentially qualify you for capitol allowance as plant & machinery, this would form part of your annual investment allowance claim for your business thus possibly claiming 100% percent back.

The selling point here is having a great exterior façade that’s been claimed back through the business and now in turn saves your business money on a month to month basis by going down the green route.

New Builds 

Over recent years there has been a massive increase in the amount of people designing their own home from scratch, quite often this type of project attracts the interest of a certain type of person – efficient –

The specification on brick slips, as in weight, durability, properties and ease of installation is something that would appeal to all designers and architects and by encompassing a recycled green friendly material you may find there’s various financial incentives and schemes that would work in your favour.

If you feel brick slips could be the very thing you have been looking for or would like some further information please contact us on 01926 830565 or contact us through the website or click here to contact us via  the contact page

Why use Brick slips ?

  • Authentic genuine Reclaimed Brick slips used internally or externally
  • Energy Efficient, will save money on fuel bills
  • ideal insulation for  customers doing conversions projects loft, cellar or garage are ideal
  • We can match up the bricks to lovely periodic properties no problem
  • we offer structured trade accounts contact us to find out more
  • full trackable delivery service with various discounts on orders

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