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Leamington Spa Wire Cut
Herringbone Flooring
in Old Town Leamington

Brick slips Fitters Project - Leamington Spa

Herringbone floor

Our followers favourite project on our Instagram page, with over 300 likes, this flooring project sets the bar high for any of our competition. These Leamington Wire cuts really are versatile for many different applications and being such a hard wearing brick are the perfect fit for this flooring project. The client grew up with a brick floor in his parents’ house and wanted the memories to live on, so in true Brickslip Brothers fashion we replicated the flooring and left him with a massive smile on his face.

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Penthouse Apartment image

Penthouse Apartment

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Penthouse Apartment

Reclaimed Red And Yellow Stock

Wrap Around Corner Wall image

Wrap Around Corner Wall

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Wrap Around Corner Wall

London Mixed Stock White Chapel

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Kitchen Renovation

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Reclaimed Old Mixture Stock

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Front room designs

Front room designs

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Front room designs

If you are looking to revamp your lounge or front room, then brick slips might just be the way forward. We can match the style of the bricks to your property making sure it brings out the natural elements.

before and after image

Before and after

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Before and after

One of our happy customers recently took on a project, provided us with the pictures of his renovation area, After discussions with us, samples, viewing they got they installed the brick slips and look at the images they sent in to us, what a superb finish they have managed to achieve.

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Frequently asked questions

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The buying team at The Brickslip Brothers are constantly updating the brick slip database we work with, helping clients to match the correct bricks to the type of property in question. Whether it be Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian or any type

The Brick Slip Range

Charred Cottage Yellow Brick Slips image

Charred cottage yellow blend

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Charred cottage yellows 


An exquisite set of markings that run down the cast set this product apart, really effective look when recreating an older weathered finish

Olde Victorian Mixture Wire Cut Brick Slips image

Olde Victorian Mixture Wire Cuts

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Olde Victorian Mixture 


Are from a beautifully crafted clay brick that contains red and orange markings throughout its cast to truly enhance the rustic characteristics

Rustic red blend brick slips image

Rustic red blend brick slips

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Rustic red blend 


A stunning Array of reds & oranges that have an imperfect finish that's ideal for extensions and external brick slip cladding Projects.


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